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A tale about a trip of a water drop

Long long time ago there was a Kingdom of Heaven up high in the sky. It‘s king was Thunder, and the queen was Sun. There were many clouds in that kingdom. They were very nice, soft, curly and colorful. The King Thunder supervised the clouds, taught them. But as soon as the king fell asleep, the queen shone in the sky, the clouds invited their friend Wind, they romped with clouds together. The frolicsome Wind pulled out his pipe and sounded funny tunes. Then the clouds danced, played and flown in the sky.

Once upon a time the King Thunder and the queen Sun were angry with the clouds for their rage. The Sun hid at the edge of heaven, and the Thunder began to blow, tow and cried:

- Clouds, enough dancing and laughing! It's time to do good works on Earth! Then Thunder turned to the Wind and shouted:

- And you, the Wind, blow all clouds as hard as you can and make a rain cloud!

The Wind did what Thunder ordered. He blowed away until the clouds become one large, raining cloud. It rained on the ground with large and small drops. The rain was long and heavy, and the drops of clouds fell into a stream.

- How can we do good work if we are just a little Stream now? – the drops of water spoke.

At that time, a stork came to the Stream. He heard the talk of water drops and said:

- It doesn‘t matter that you are small. You can take your water and give a drink to meadow, flowers, trees, all beetles, birds and animals. This is a very important and good job.

The stork flew, and the Stream went on a journey and refreshed with the water everything that it had met on the way. The meadow became green, the flowers blossomed, the buds of the trees opened. All the inhabitants of the meadow were happy with the good work of water drops.