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Legend of Arimaičiai Lake

There is an Arimaičiai lake not far from Šeduva town. Long time ago there was no lake on that place. There were large forests. These forests were full of animals and birds. Once, a master went out to hunt in these forests, or maybe he went to look for adventures or happiness. Nobody knows it. He took his servant with him. They were in the forest for a long time, but they haven‘t hunted down anything. They were tired. Suddenly the sky became dark and night came suddenly. The master sent his servant to go forward to find out what happened. The servant came to the end of the forest and shouted to his master:

 - Master, master, arimai, arimačiai! (it means that he saw plowed field )

 The master saw a strange view: the man was working on the field with two old horses. There was a large black cloud above the man. The man urged the horses to work more quickly. He shouted "Arimauč, arimauč!". The sky became darker and darker when the man was shouting. Suddenly the cloud fell down to the ground and on this man. So the lake appeared in that place. There was neither a field nor a man. The servant just said:

 - My master look at it, it‘s arimai, arimaičiai! – they quickly turned out their horses into the forest. They wanted to escape from the water. There was a lake. That lake was named Arimaičiai.